First Words and Hair Cuts OR The Bear’s Headed to Yale

It was a big day around here. For an end-of-the-fiscal-month-nobody-move-until-we-get-paid kind of day, it was a really big day.

One day back in February, the Bear came and sat beside me on the couch and pointed at my laptop screen and I decided to take that as a teaching opportunity. I created a new document and spelled out a few words: car, dog … you know, first word stuff, and read them to him, highlighting each one and changing the size of the font to emphasize each word as we read it. We went through the alphabet a couple of times and that was about it. I suppose I was feeling ambitious about him mastering the ability to read at 18 months.

We looked at the document again the next day, and then not again until today, when it sprang to mind as he was sitting beside me and I opened it. As soon as it hit the screen he looked and said “Car!!” I was totally flabbergasted, ran to the bedroom to interrupt HH with the important news that the Bear had just read his first word, and then returned to the living room to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

I highlighted some other words and we went through the alphabet and then I went back to car, highlighted the word again, and received another enthusiatic “CAR!” So. My 19 month old bear just read his first word today. And I try not to use this space to brag about him being extra special because that’s just annoying, but today, it’s good to feel like I’m doing something right, at least one thing, so please extend a little grace and let me share.


Thanks, I’m finished.

Anywho, you’re probably really here for the news that I actually did it, and Goldilocks is no longer the wee Bear. It really was time. And I promise I didn’t wimp out and just trim his fringe/bangs again. See?

So here’s the before:

Man, it was hard to put scissors to those beautiful curls!!

Here’s the during:

We kept him occupied with Gerber Graduate Puffs and Veggie Tales during the procedure. (Thanks, Amiee!) I cried a little as I was nearing the finish and I thought about the fact that this is hair he’s had since the day he was born! I’m okay. Really.

And, drumroll please, here’s the after!

Grown up enough to comb his own hair now. Sigh.

The Veggie Tales kept him distracted whilst HH grabbed some more shots. Then the Bear let out a big sigh, got down from his high chair, and suggested picking up an application to Yale while we’re out tomorrow.

And that was our big day.