Did you know you might be the world’s worst boss?

It’s true.

And not just because Seth Godin blogged about it and mentioned it in his book, The Practice. 

Let me frame it for you this way: you know that little voice inside your head? Not the whisper of the Holy Spirit which makes you want to be braver and kinder and leads you toward peace.  

That other voice.

The one that talks down to you a lot. That asks why can’t you just get it together. Why can’t you just keep it under control. 

You know the voice I’m talking about, right?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was staring out the window one morning, and the bare branches of winter trees were gently swaying in an early breeze.

Remembering something encouraging I read last year, I thought about how those trees weren’t dead, even though they looked like it.  

Those trees are quietly resting, preparing to burst into life again when the timing’s right.

In my own life, I was feeling frustrated and “behind” – there’s that word again. As if more should be done, and it should be done better and faster and yesterday.

I felt as if the Lord was drawing my attention to those trees to say, “Look what that rest is going to make possible. It is a good season to rest. Productivity can wait. It will come in good time.”

In a nutshell, I think that’s the difference between the two voices:

  1. My internal dialogue questions my choices and ability at every turn, and makes me feel a) behind, b) not good enough and c) least likely to succeed. At everything, ever.
  2. The voice of God is the voice that calms the waters, the voice that parts waters, and the voice that whispers, “Come to Me, all you heavy laden. I have rest for you.”

I probably wouldn’t be the world’s worst boss to anybody else. And neither would you. 

Far from it, friend!

But, what if just for a week, we give some attention to how we might be bossing ourselves? 

Ask yourself:

– If you had a boss that talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would you fire her? 

– If you had a boss that wasted your time the way you do, would you quit?

Remember, our God who knows our frame and remembers we are dust, His mercy reaches to the heavens. His goodness never fails. 

His is the voice to listen for. His are the words that make us ready to be brave, to be kind, to try, but not to strive.

There are times for work and times for rest. Be gentle with others, and remember: be a good boss to yourself, too.

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