“Why do my clothes feel so tight today?”

With a quizzical brow, Mark emerged from our closet wearing a long sleeved t-shirt soooooo tight, it looked like it should be cutting off his circulation. 

After puzzling for only half a second or so, I replied:

“Because you’re wearing my t-shirt.”

Last year, the hubs and I were each given a lovely dark green t-shirt from our friends at the Children’s Miracle Network. With white lettering and that trademark hot air balloon, the only difference is that my shirt is a small… and Mark’s is a large.

The folder and sorter of the laundry (yours truly) made a minor… error.

He leaned over and stretched his arms toward me so I could peel off the offending article, but as I turned back to get ready for the day, my giggling quickly changed to that quizzical brow Mark had at first:

How often do I try to fit in someone else’s clothes?

If I only had one last message to share with the world, I think I would want it to be this:

You were created with a race to swim, and a lane to swim it in. 

Stay in your lane. Swim your own race.

Though the oldest of my four kids is only twelve, I can already see how often each of them compare their gifts and abilities, and even their appearances with one another.

As their Mama, I marvel at how different each of them are, and I ponder how God is going to use each of their talents for their good and His glory.

I think sometimes we forget, though, that while we were all created for a purpose – we weren’t all created for the exact same purpose. Just glance at the list in Ephesians 4:11 and you can see, God’s hand is there, with different plans and accompanying gifts:

“And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers…”

And yet sometimes we get distracted by what someone else is doing or achieving, creating or arranging.

Friend, I hope these words will serve as a reminder to you that you are God’s poetry. Truly, the word Paul chose in Ephesians 2:10 translates “poetry.” God intends to write a beautiful story with your life – and it is not going to be like anyone else’s.

So don’t try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s shirt, or someone else’s hope or dream or New Year’s resolution. There is space a-plenty for you to walk into the destiny God had in mind when He created you, precious you.

P.S. Last year I enjoyed Parker Palmer’s book, Let Your Life Speak, very much. If you feel like you might be trying to live in someone else’s t-shirt, I recommend finding a copy to help you identify your own gifts and abilities from a thoughtful, peaceful place of faith. {Click here to find it on Amazon.}

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