O, Holy Night. That’s how the part of His story that we’re celebrating these days began. We think about the Little Town of Bethlehem, the Silent Night, and that precious little bundle tucked Away In A Manger.

When kings come? They come with pomp and ceremony and excitement and fanfare. But the King of Kings? He chooses a quiet night to let His glory be revealed — not to princes, but to paupers. He chooses a tiny town that didn’t have a glorious history or inspirational curb appeal.

He chooses a very young woman from an ordinary family. An earthly father that will typically avoid making a scene.

If you’re looking, you may find glimpses of this King in places you don’t expect this season (and all year long.)

God’s Love shows up in unexpected places.


We sat down together on the couch last night, children long gone to bed, and we both almost simultaneously said we felt like Monday had punched us in the face.

We laughed and took a deep breath, sat for a while, and there in the quiet, one little email with one little bit of very good news — that was enough, and it was a gift, and it was Love in perfect timing.

It’s December, but I’m still breathing gratitude.

If God’s Love shows up in unexpected places, then we His people should be showing His Love in unexpected places, too. This is a great season for asking yourself how you can love. How can you love the least of these? How can you show up in someone’s little quiet, forgotten Bethlehem of a life to share God’s love?

Do what you can to shush the hustle bustle — get quiet, listen and you might hear the voice of God whispering out: names, places, ideas for you, ways for you to love.

Expect the unexpected. It seems the King of Kings wouldn’t have it any other way.