Hi friends! I know it’s been a few days since 31 Days ended and you’re probably thinking I’m going back to my cave and only writing once a month or something. I promise that’s not true! But here’s what is: getting up early really, really, is so much better than not.

After 31 Days ended, I decided to give myself a couple of sleeping-in days to recover. And guess what? That was a bad idea. As if I didn’t learn anything from how great and fulfilling it was to start my day extra early and get stuff done!!

I slept in, didn’t really feel better for having done so, felt significantly less productive, ended up running late on one particular occasion, and suffered the consequences. Don’t make me go into detail, it would just rub it in, MMMkay?

So, before I continue with efforts at inspiring your precious hearts and minds by turning my eyes to Jesus and writing what comes as a result, I thought I’d take a moment to step back, look at the big picture, and tell you what’s on my heart.

First, now that I know I can get up and get stuff done, I have every intention of doing just that, and of being very careful with the time that I’ve been given. I’ve been getting up at 5:30, and I’m usually showered and dressed by 6:00. And our small people have a little clock that turns green at 7 and that’s when they’re allowed to wake up.

One free first-thing-in-the-morning hour = GOLD, I tell you, GOLD!

Two take homes from this discovery:

  1. Not letting your children be what wakes you in the morning is very, very wise. Train them to stay in their rooms until the reasonable, parent-appointed wake time. This clock has been a lifesaver for our kids who can’t tell time yet. WORTH IT!
  2. Getting up early is really hard. But when 9 am rolls around and you are amazed at what you have already accomplished, it feels really good. Yesterday I was free and un-stressed enough to make dinner and bring it to another family before we had dinner… and I’m certain that was because my day didn’t feel like an hourglass that got turned over and started pouring before I woke up.

ZerotoSevenArabella 072 {My belly button is not a snooze button, and I am NOT an alarm clock!}

In other news, there’s a bigger writing project that’s been on my heart that I’d like to begin making concerted efforts toward. With the occasional use of my golden hour. I’ll share more about that soon.

I’m also planning to write here more regularly and you are likely to see some changes around the site. I will no longer be posting automatically filled ads in the sidebar for right now because I don’t always feel like they line up with my pro-simplicity and greenness and try-not-to-focus-on-the-getting-of-much-stuff-heart. If you see something being advertised here, you’ll know I personally made the decision to put it there.

On that note — if you are a business or website interested in advertising space, feel free to contact me. I am turning down other writing gigs in favor of writing about the things I am passionate about — selling advertising space makes this writing more possible. (If you love this site and just want to donate to make it happen, let me know, too!)

I may also spend some time revamping the look around here again… it’s about time, right? But I haven’t decided whether I’ll throw out the baby with the bath water or just tidy up. Any thoughts?

Get up and get out there, friends! Life is always happening one day at a time!