When I was a tiny wee lass, I had a special blanket to love on that I might occasionally wish I still had every now and then. My Mom and I were discussing it the other day — it was a yellow blanket called my “piecey” {I think because I rubbed it to pieces} with satin edges that I loved to stroke between my fingers while sucking my thumb. Yes, I sucked my thumb long enough that I can remember sucking my thumb. No judgment please. And no queries for stories about the antics my brother pulled in attempts to help me stop sucking my thumb, either.

Let’s move on, shall we? My boys each have their own special, especially loved thing (or in the Tank’s case, things). The Bear has a Beaver that I bought in Germany long before he was born. I named it Schatzi, which is kind of like “Sweetie” in German… but the Bear got even more creative and started calling him “Beaver” instead.


{Poor Beaver, he looks a little worse for wear now that that little Bear is five.}

To help the Tank settle down for naps, I started putting one of the tags of his swaddle blankets in each of his hands. And now, at two and a half, his sleepy time routine still includes a “taggie” for each hand. But it works, people! Call him Linus if you want, it works!


{That’s the Tank still wrapped in a taggie after a nap at Goo-Goo and Gammy’s ages ago…}

So we’re rounding the corner on the end of the Belle’s first year, and she has turned her nose up at dolls and shows no particular preference for one plaything over another. I still swaddle her for naps and nighttime (it’s more a routine than anything else at this point) but I’ve been wondering how we’ll move on when the swaddle cloths no longer wrap around her little self, or when she finally asserts her will and says Swaddling, you’re done. I’ve been kind of disappointed that she doesn’t have one thing that is her thing that makes her feel like she’s complete and ready for sleepy time because it has worked so well with our boys.

Cue the introduction of a groovy new product that might solve my problem, and a concurrent celebratory giveaway.

A few months ago, I heard about some new baby blankets called Goosewaddle blankets.

Goosewaddle make super-soft full-size baby blankets (like what you would use in cribs), and smaller “lovie” sized blankies which are the perfect thing for a baby to love on and snuggle up to at sleepy time. I’ll tell you a bit more about the Belle’s opinion of the blankies in a moment, but I first have to mention the quality people behind the company. Because you know me well enough to know I can’t stay on topic too long, and if there’s anything praiseworthy happening behind the scenes, I have to get to that first.

Goosewaddle’s Buy 1, Give 1 campaign means that every time someone purchases a Goosewaddle blanket, the company donates a receiving blanket to a child in need. They work with various charitable organizations to make sure they’re getting to babies who could use them around the world. And the collective Ahhhh kicks off…

Now… the actually blankets are delightful. They are luxuriously soft and have that wonderful old-school satin edging that I remember making me snuggly happy with piecey a few years ago. They’re big enough to grow with baby through the first year, but still small enough to travel with baby into the car or out and about in the stroller. Pram. Choose your own moniker. I’m not sure the Belle has decided she’s totally sold {she seems to have preferences about food and… food!} but I totally love having a new perfect fluffy soft blanket for her crib just in time for cold weather.

Belle and Goosewaddle 002

The blankets and the blankies come in pink, white and blue and can be bought as a set or individually.

And… {yay!} I get to give one away to one of you lovely readers this week!

We’re giving away a Goosewaddle Gift Set — One Blanket and One Blankie {choose your color!} — to a lucky winner! Honk!

If it’s not for your own little one, it will make a great gift for somebody else with a wee one or a wee one on the way! Just leave a comment below, and hopefully you’ll score your own Goosewaddle later this week! {You can like Goosewaddle and With Love, From Here on Facebook for additional entries.}

And — here I am trying to get back on topic again — a conclusion to the story: to the question of whether the blankie will become the Belle’s piecey, the jury is still out. But so far, she is definitely convinced it’s cuddly and snuggly. See?

Belle and Goosewaddle 001

I’ll keep you posted! Good luck, friends! More love from here soon…



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P.S. I almost forgot to tell ya! The cool cats at Goosewaddle gave me a blanket and blankie to try for free. But my review and opinions are absolutely my own. And this giveaway will end Thursday at midnight!