For the past round of monthly photos, the Hubs was away and I had to commandeer the camera in hopes of capturing the moment. It went a little something like this.

Oooh! Is it time for my monthly photos already? Yay!

Look how well my sweater matches this month’s sticker!

Belle2months 003

Wait! Where’s Dad? He always takes my picture so nicely. He’s not here???!!!Belle2months 004

Well then who’s taking my pictures this time…??Belle2months 005

Mom!!! I’m not sure about this!!!Belle2months 006

Alright. Well pass me the rattle and just do your best, okay, Mom?Belle2months 007

Hmm. I think you’re doing okay. I’m feeling like this could be a good one.Belle2months 009

How do I look? Can you tell I’ve grown since last month?

Belle2months 008

I’m gonna smile for the camera! This is great!  What a good surprise!Belle2months 002Happy Two Months to me!!!

Here’s my Progress Report:

BellaOneandTwoSo there she is folks! Our sweet little Belle is growing quick quick! Laughing lots, smiling loads, loving her brothers and music and playing in her little play place, batting at the rattly little lion just like the Tank did! We feel overwhelmingly blessed.

Love y’all!


P.S. Did you local folks hear about the upcoming Quiver Tree Photography workshop? If you’re keen to improve your camera skills it is a great opportunity… Hero Hubs is a great teacher! Leave a comment if you have any questions!