Here’s the thing. I don’t know if it’s socially acceptable, but I’m starting to think I’m going to have to blame motherhood for my absent-mindedness for the next… twelve years or so. Anybody else feel that way? Like, the more kids I get the less brains I’ve got to manage ’em? If those two numbers are inversely proportionate, that could be problematic.

Maybe I should’ve finished my PhD.

Anywho. The following two bloopers occurred in my personal recent history, and I am claiming motherhood as if it’s the Fifth Amendment. Instead of the fifth commandment. Which isn’t relevant here. Necessarily.

First, the 12th of December came around, and I felt certain it was time to take the Belle’s one month photos. {Yes! The Belle! Do you like her nickname? I think it has a nice ring to it. ha! But I think I like it with the e so I have to fix that little graphic over there. Thanks HH.} Perhaps it was because in my mind for the better part of nine months November 12th was her due date. (Ya know, in contradiction to what the OBGYN said.) Or maybe it was because the 12th of December was my late grandmother’s birthday. Or it could’ve been because it was almost a Thursday, and the Bell arrived on a Thursday… ya know, I don’t think there’s a good explanation.

However it is appropriately categorized, let’s agree that I dressed and prepped a baby for photos just a little ahead of schedule. And only realized it a few hours after we took the pictures.


I sat on those three days early one month old photos of the Belle, for — you guessed it — one month. Did I forget? Maybe. Did I have other stuff going on? Fo sho. Did I not want to bother the Hubs who is constantly taking and editing pictures like it’s his job? Because it is? Um, probably.

But, better late than never, I am happy to share the shots with you — of the darling little girl who has stolen the hearts of each of us — including the older older brother who reads and sings and dances Gangnam Style for her. And the younger older brother who insists on regularly giving her kisses on top of the head without removing the pacifier from his mouth.

What’s not to love?

She smiles and stares very pleasantly.

ArabellaOne 001

She sneezes with the grace of Jackie O.

ArabellaOne 002

She snuggles up to the calabash rattle from South Africa for the sake of giving perspective of how she’s growing just like her Mama told her to.

ArabellaOne 003

And when you a pay her a complement, she humbly replies with a face that says… Who me?

ArabellaOne 004

Our little dollbaby has brought us heaps of joy in a tiny package.

ArabellaOne 005

And look — you can compare last month to this month with the perspective-creating calabash rattle from South Africa!


So there you have it folks! {And especially the far-away-family we are thinking of who haven’t met out sweet little Belle yet…} That’s our darling precious angel pumpkin dumpling one month old, who, as it just so happens, will need to be photographed as a two-month-old… tomorrow.