Just because it’s 1 am and I am pregnant and therefore can no longer sleep at 1 am, that does not mean I’m not getting up to something useful. It does not, not mean that at all. Because it’s 1 am on October 29th, which is the day I said I would choose and announce the winner of the Shutterfly giveaway that just happened the other day ‘right ’round these parts.

{Hope you’re not pressing the heel of your hand against your forehead right now, and saying “Dern! I missed it!”}

Seems to happen to me more and more often, the more children I have…

Anywho, at 1 am with no children to draw names out of a hat and keep things fair and square around here, I decided to do the next best thing. Which meant that every comment was given a number from last to first, because I was feeling a little wild like that, and then I visited random.org to have a special integer generator randomly generate the winning number, which was between 1 and 29 because, wow, do people not want free stuff anymore? What in the world? Only 29 comments!

So this is what happened:

#19 brings home the bacon! I was very tempted to click that Again! button a few times because it ends with an exclamation point and looks like fun, but I decided that didn’t seem like the fair thing to do.

Since you don’t know which comment was fortunate enough to receive the number 19, that means I need to translate:

Kathryn VanLoon Schuman is the winner!

And I hope the rest of you believe me when I tell you that although I absolutely love this gal (who won the giveaway) I totally would not rig a contest on my blog for her to win it. Random.org obviously loves her, too.

Thanks so much to all of you for entering — if Shutterfly decides to send me any more goodies, I will be sure to share them with you first! I hope you all do send out Christmas cards this year — and will you please send me one?

Now let’s all just hang in there and see when I get to post another even more exciting announcement… the arrival of Baby Collie #3 on the outside! I am SIX days away from my due date!

Who thinks she’s gonna pull an Asher and take all day? And who thinks she’s gonna pull a Blakey, go way late and then show up so fast we almost don’t make it to the hospital? I’m kind of hoping that rather than a sprint or a marathon, she’s kind of a middle-distance gal. Without hurdles.

I’ll keep ya posted.