Hi Guys and Gals! I know this little post only applies to those of you who are local, but I thought I ought to let you local readers know that we’ve just announced the dates of the fall mini-sessions by Quiver Tree Photography. The slots might fill up quickly…and I want you guys to hear about it first! Because I love you. {And y’all! The price is really good!}

On Oct. 27th & Nov. 24th, the Hubs will be geared up and ready to shoot an afternoon away at one picturesque outdoorsy location in Washington, NC. You will show up with your crew for your 25 minute shoot, and within two weeks, get a disc of the 30 best images in color (+30 black & white = 60 total!) and {ka-chow!} now you have photos for Christmas cards and gifts for the grandparents/wife/second cousin’s third grade teacher SORTED!

You can find out more about the sessions on the Quiver Tree Photography Blog — or if you know you want to book you can go ahead and email me at ccollie@quivertreephoto.com. {The slots will be every half hour between 2 and 5 pm on each date.}

We can’t wait to see you on the other side of our lenses this fall! And the slots are likely to go quickly, so get in touch soon!