I hardly shared a single photo from our time in Scotland, but I think that’s because, outside of the photos for the wedding, and whatever I took with my iPhone when it wasn’t missing in action (which was like three out of our six days there) there really wasn’t much to show, with it being so rainy every day and whatnot. But as I was looking for something to update something somewhere else a little while ago (how do you feel about vagueness, vaguely speaking?) I found this photo that I’d begged the Hubs to take when Alice was busy with dinner and I was given the task of dropping the three kiddies into the tub.

Sophie, who you may remember as the flower girl from the Bell-Tominey-do, is pretty much as cute as cute can be. Her little sister was not in the tub for the picture because she was about seven weeks old at the time, and when you’ve got a Bear and a Tank in the tub, I think you can count on things being dangerous.

Oh man, I would seriously love for the Bear and Sophie to get hitched, several years down the road, just so we can share this photo at their wedding.

Rob and Alice…thank you again for your fabulous hospitality!