Hi friends! I try not to make it a habit of always linking up to anything and everything I ever write anywhere else on these here internets, but there’s a post up over at Signposts I wanted to make sure I mention to you. (How do you feel about that? Would you rather I always link places?) Part of the magic of this post (in my opinion) is that it’s drawing some quality truth out of sort of mundane section of a tough to read section of the Bible — I Chronicles. Yikes!

All joking aside, I’d love for you to take in this simple encouragement today — in a lesson from the life of David and his generation, recognizing how one person can actually change the shape of a nation, and why you can be that one person who is the catalyst for change.

If you’re a little dissatisfied with the world around you, or even if you just need a reminder that you truly were created for greatness, I hope you’ll click over, and get inspired to be brave!

You are awesome!