Hi guys + gals!  Is it totally against proper netiquette to introduce a new giveaway without announcing the winners of the previous one? You’ve got grace for that, right? Because the Hubs and I have seriously not had a chance to sit down and talk through the Senior Session name suggestions — but oh man “Quiver me Clever” sure did make me laugh! {Thanks, Deliverance!}

Part of the reason for this slight delay is that I’ve been working on websites for a couple of artists at the Inner Banks Artisans Center… full steam ahead! And between the file uploading, domain mapping, theme tweaking, logo creating and colour choosing, I have been so hard at it I find myself waking up during the night (to use the potty of course, I am so pregnant) and I feel like I have been thinking through website decisions in my sleep. {When I have something pretty (and close to finished) to show you, I will!}

But you’re here about the giveaway anyway, right?


So. There’s a fabulous new exercise concept called Boot Camp that is growing in popularity all over the country. Here’s a little description to start us off before I say more:

When it comes to fitness, Boot Camp is the best of both worlds. You get the expert training and fun group dynamic of taking a class at the gym, along with the freedom and flexibility of diving into a good workout in the great outdoors. You’re signing up for a total body workout – a typical session can include interval training, sprint and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, body weight strength drills, cardio mix, and much more.

And here’s a picture, because that’s worth a thousand words, right?

{Taken by one excellent Hero Hubs.}

Boot Camp workouts are held outdoors (yay!) and are focused on exercises that don’t require machines. A group of about twenty people will work out together with a couple of trainers/coaches leading the way, and each ‘camp’ runs Monday to Friday for four weeks. You’re doing a different workout every day, you get to enjoy the dynamic of having fun in a group, but since the group size is small, you also get the personal attention of a trainer, encouraging you to go for it every day {which I could totally use when I’m slacking on the treadmill at the gym.}

Some wonderful friends of ours have launched a local boot camp right here in wee Washington, {NC, y’all} called IBX Boot Camp. {And for those of you dearies who aren’t from around these parts, IBX stands for Inner Banks, since Washington is situated on the “Inner Banks” of North Carolina, as opposed to the Outer Banks {OBX} which are perhaps a little better known… they’re the long string of barrier islands you’ll see if you look at a map of North Carolina. (And that’s the place where the Wright Brothers took their first flight!)} Man, I do not stay on task well, suntines.

Back to Boot Camp.

Our local Boot Camp meets at the Washington waterfront to take in the fresh air down by the rivah at 5:30 every morning, Monday through Friday. The Hubs says Friday is his favourite because it’s “Easy Day.”

IBX Boot Camp is giving away one MONTH of free Boot Camp right here on this wee happy website. That’s right… four fabulous weeks of free encouragement and training and letting someone else choose your workout for you. {Whether you’re just getting off the couch or you’re already a fitness fanatic, you are good to go — you can choose the intensity level that’s right for you every day.}

And, we have to call the Get Out There Giveaway MY BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER because that’s worth $200. Which is a lot.

So how do we pick a winner? Well, randomly of course.

Just leave a comment and answer two questions for us:

First, tell us either 1) If exercise is already a part of your lifestyle — what do you like to do best or, 2) If you’re not exercising these days, what’s holding you back?

And second, tell us whether you’d like to Camp it up at that 5:30 am session or whether you’d rather be going to an evening session instead. (If there is enough interest evening sessions might be starting soon.)

Before I tell you I love you, now go leave a comment, there’s one more piece of sweet news. The first fifty commenters who come in second (meaning, don’t win The Get Out There Giveaway) can have a FREE week of Boot Camp, just for being great and answering two questions. So for all of you who would like to say “I never win anything,” I kindly rebut… if you’re in the top 50, you just did! (And even if you’re not, your chances of winning the month increase by 100%, just by you entering.)

You can find out more about IBX Boot Camp on their website right here.

This giveaway will end one week from today, August 23rd. Leave a comment before midnight {EST} on the 23rd and you’re in the running! So, I love you, now go leave a comment and please tell a friend!



P.S. It would be a good idea for you to live in or around Washington, NC to enter this giveaway. It’s not a requirement. If you want to fly in from Scotland for a free month of Boot Camp, you are more than welcome. Especially if your name is Agnes. And you’ll stay until the baby comes. 😉