I forgot to ask the Hubs if it was okay to post a few more photos from the wedding on my blog, so if this post mysteriously disappears later, you’ll know why. A fun new job I’m enjoying as Mrs. Hero Hubs is choosing my favourite photos for the blog posts we do after a Quiver Tree wedding or photo session.

And let’s just be honest, you dear readers are too smart to be fooled into thinking the Hubs is writing all those posts over at the Quiver Tree site, right? You probably picked up on my writing style and tone of voice and immediately knew I was speaking in his person, so I think I need to let the cat out of the bag and just go ahead and start writing those posts as if it’s me. Because it is me. We’re a hubs and hub-ess team any who, right?

That was a digression. Returning to what I was originally here to talk about, I wanted to show you a few more photos from the wedding, since I forgot to give you a link over to the original post — which I still think you should go view, because I am sharing a few different favourites here today. Obviously, they’re all my favourites, because the Hubs is working hard, and I’m choosing photos and writing blog posts hard!

But I think you guys probably want to see the Bear in his kilt, and I don’t blame you. So here’s that, and some other goodies thrown in for good measure.

I was pleased. And proud. And glad Agnes agreed that we shouldn’t give this three-year-old the actual wedding rings. Carrying a pillow was just fine.

Just after this, he followed me up on stage, and UH-dorable Sophie, the flower girl, followed him — which was not the plan. But it was okay.

The kilt kind of wanted to fall down a lot. He is a narrow-waisted wee creature — if I’d known further in advance I could’ve made a plan but I was nae prepared! And at the reception the Bear discovered if he jumped hard enough, he could make his kilt fall down to his ankles. Many an elderly Scotsman had a good laugh at his Thomas the Tank Engine underwear, while I thanked the Lord he didn’t figure that out on stage during the ceremony.

I got to put Agnes’s veil on. Which made me really happy. Those are my hands. They don’t look pregnant yet.

That’s another of my favourites from the day. I kind of have a lot of favourites.

The second shooter who assisted the Hubs let the Bear try on his glasses. I thought he looked rather astute. I thought I looked rather nervous. Because I did.

Someone else trusted the Bear — my three. year. old. Bear — with their digital camera and let him take heaps of pictures. I was nervous {again} and hoped I didn’t end up owing someone a pretty pence because my kid broke their camera. Apparently he snagged some good shots, following in his Dad’s footsteps. Unfortunately, the shots are all taken from crotch level.

There was some serious tomfoolery during picture time. And there I am, hiding my Bump with a bouquet! Subtle much?

Did I mention there was some stage-diving at this event?

And the Bear was adopted by the ceilidh band, and had the privilege of lifting his kilt to bang on that beat-box thingy. I honestly think that picture is just stellar!

So those are a few more highlights from the day — and if you want to see more of the proper, less Bear-centric stuff, you can visit the Quiver Tree blog.

In other, related, very good news, especially if you’re in the area, the Hubs and I will be passing out flyers at Music in the Streets this Friday night. {That’s a local musical event in Downtown wee Washington which takes place once a month during the summer.} If you grab a flyer, you can score $10 off any purchase in the Quiver Tree gallery or $10 off any photo session booked by Sept. 30, 2012.

We’re also sharing the details for how to earn 100 Bucks of Quiver Tree Plunder {it’s a Pirate-themed flyer, mind you} but I think I ought to spill the beans here, too. {Or am I spilling gold doubloons?}

For however long this seems like a good idea, if you refer a friend, family member, or complete stranger, to Quiver Tree Photography and they book a wedding package with us, you’ll get $100 credit which you can use toward:

  • An awesome purchase inside the Quiver Tree Gallery OR
  • A 1hr photo session OR
  • A Quiver Tree Photography workshop {more details on that coming soon!}

And you don’t have to have the flyer in your hand to score on that awesomeness! But for that $10 off coupon you need to find us at Music in the Streets, mmmkay?

So tell me… have you had a look at the photos from the wedding on FB or at the QT site? Did you think the one of Agnes “peeking” under Alan’s kilt was pure dead brilliant? I sure did.