We’ve just been in Edinburgh since Thursday morning but in some ways it feels like we’ve been here for a week. The wedding went off with just one hitch — the one that was supposed to happen, Alan + Agnes got hitched! We made it to the rehearsal at lunch time on Thursday by the skin of our teeth (thank you, Edinburgh Council, for roadworks and diversions in every direction!) And then the big day was here in no time!

Agnes looked absolutely amazing. Alan looked like he couldn’t been happier. The bridesmaids were in a mix of “summer fruits” colours that were just beautiful together, the groomsmen were in a mix of kilts and suits that will make for some interesting photos. The Bear donned a kilt and sported it very very well, and he proclaimed Sophie, the flower girl, his new best friend at bath time this evening. {She was (and is) ADORABLE!!!} They weren’t really supposed to come on stage during the ceremony, but they did, and it worked out okay.

I am sitting beside the Hubs as I type this, looking over his shoulder at some of the absolutely stunning photos he captured of the day. Which brings to mind one very important thing I don’t want to forget to say — thank you SO much, to many of you, for saying a prayer that it wouldn’t be raining and we could get some nice outdoor photos on Alan + Agnes’s wedding day.

HH had the chance to get all the family shots outside the venue, another set of photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen at a little pond near Arthur’s Seat {a big pretty hill in Edinburgh} and then a heap of gorgeous (from what I’ve caught a glimpse of so far) shots of just the bride and groom in a few different spots near Arthur’s Seat and back by the venue.

And guess what?

As soon as the Hubs loaded the bride and groom into a taxi after the photos at Arthur’s Seat, it started drizzling, and the proper rain held off just long enough to capture those last few shots back at the venue! Agnes put on her wellies {rain boots} for those shots at Arthur’s Seat and I think the photos of the feetsies are going to be adorable!

After the ceremony and that big photo session, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and some absolutely delightful speeches — and, oh man, I laughed until I cried when Agnes’s Dad shared the story of her finding a dead hedgehog at an early age and insisting on burying it and singing it a striking eulogy which he decided to begin recording around the seventh verse {apparently the sun was going down and the verse count was in the thirties somewhere when they decided it was time to go inside.}

The evening of dancing and ceilidh time kicked off with a magical first dance that I really hope someone posts to youtube soon. {I’ll post the link here if I find out someone does.} Alan + Agnes choreographed an absolutely beautiful, fun, hilarious first dance that was such a delight to watch. Someone handed the Bear a camera and he walked around for half the evening capturing photos of people which, unfortunately, were mostly taken from crotch height.

And thank heavens — a little plea I posted on Facebook scored a babysitter for Tiger Tank, and after help from several friends during the photos, my friend Sara arrived to collect the Tiger, and he strolled to her flat, where he enjoyed yoghurt, a serious poop (so sorry about that, Sara) a good bath, Finding Nemo, and, much to Sara’s dismay, hanging out with her husband, who apparently became the Tiger’s new favourite as soon as he walked in the door after work.

{THANK YOU SO MUCH, SARA! And Scott and Jenna and Nicole and Julia and Ailsa and everybody who hung out with our Tiger at the wedding! You’re an answer to prayer!}

Now that the busy moments surrounding the big event are all done, we can {hopefully} catch up on sleep and recover from jet lag just in time to head back to the Carolinas on Wednesday! We’re looking forward to being back at our old church, seeing so many dear friends, and perhaps enjoying a few more of the special foods and delicacies that we can only enjoy in this neck of the woods. {Can you say “Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce”? I’ve already had two.}

I hope to share some those amazing photos with you soon! In the meantime, with love from Auld Reekie…