In case you happened to stumble across my site {or attempted to} within the last 48 hours and found that it was nowhere to be found, I thought I’d take a moment to ‘splain. I started encountering some funky stuff a wee while ago — for example, none of those links across that navigation bar up there were working, and in the Google Search Results, it appeared that I was selling performance-enhancing drugs which, um, I don’t want to mention here because I don’t want Google to think I am selling those drugs.

Because I don’t sell drugs, you see.

{Keep smiling… right?}

There were other funky things related to feeds not properly updating, and it basically seemed like Google thought I was an evil spam bot hacker troll malicious website or something. There were problems.

So Hero Hubs, being the Hero that he is, uninstalled and reinstalled my entire site, installing a clean version of wordpress {the content management system I use} and doing a big old heap of work at dream host, where this site is hosted. It was a lot of work and I prayed a lot and got a little stressed, and eventually kind of just removed myself from the situation and just trusted that it was going to work out okay.

Like, losing three years’ worth of writing would be kind of a bummer, right? I had everything backed up but I was still nervous. ‘Course.

So any who… it seems like things are mostly back to normal. Thank you for bearing with me. If you normally access the site a certain way and things have not been happening the way they normally would, I’m sorry. And if you replied to an advertisement to order medical supplies of some kind, I’m going to have to deliver the disappointing news: I don’t sell drugs. Sorry.

If you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary around here over the next wee while (or ever, really), I would love it if you would just leave a comment somewhere — on any post or on Facebook or you can shoot me an email — just to let me know. There are still a few hitches in the giddy up we are figuring out!

Friends — this was all a good reminder to me, that I write because I want to encourage you, I want you to leave here with a smile or a tear, or basically just touched in a way that makes you want to draw closer to your Creator. You mean a lot to me. Your kindness and encouragement means so much to me.

Thank you for reading. Thank  you for sharing what you read with others. I believe we are making a difference in our world together.