This is one of the most remarkable videos I’ve seen in quite some time. And the Hubs showed it to me a week ago, quite literally the day after it happened — and I marveled for all kinds of reasons. Like, look how this video has become crazy popular in a day. And look how much effort this man put into asking this woman to be his wife.

And what is it in all of us that is hungry for amazing? Huge. Gigantic life by the gallon. Like when the Hubs asked me to marry him and I delighted in the fact that it just felt so epic. Different and special and fantastic and gosh, this must be what it feels like to live a good story.

I feel like all of us are hungry to live a good story. {Could that be because we have a Creator who created us/wants us to live a good story?} And I have some thoughts about that coming up in the morning. But for now, I just had to make sure you saw this video. It’s epic.

{The video apparently doesn’t want to be embedded anymore — it worked at first!?! — so click here to view it.}

Let me know what you think!