That title is of course, figuratively speaking. And I’m not actually referring to the team that Mr. T was a part of (and I can’t really remember who else was in it because I’m not old enough.) Or my memory’s failing.

One of the two.

Rather, I am referencing some dear friends of ours, the Averys, who had a Quiver Tree photo session just the other day. Amanda and I went to college together — she has posted here before, you might remember — and I am indubitably superduperally happy that the Lord decided to move her sweet family from being a thirty minute drive away to being just down the road. They’re actually now neighbours with my Dad. Yay, G-pa!

Anywho… we just posted the photos from their shoot over at Quiver Tree, but in case you’re feeling lazy or need extra encouragement I’ll post my top five favourites… and try to limit it to five… right here.

I can’t stop looking at Lily’s (the little one’s) face in this picture. She is just going for it and it is just adorable to me!

I promise there were plenty of pictures (out of the 90-some final shots the Hubs produced) where everyone was looking at the camera and behaving. They’re just not my favourites.

Except this one.

{Amanda, you look so prit-dy! Like model…cheeuhleaduh…somethin’ prit-dy!}

Okay that was five but maybe two more?

Okay seriously, that’s the end. But you can click over to Quiver Tree to see more!

What do ya think?