The Hubs enjoyed two stellar homemade Father’s Day cards and a six pack of his favorite Scottish ale today. Well not the whole six pack, that would be a little excessive, wouldn’t it? {And in case you’re curious and not offended by the fact that my oh-so-Southern Hero Hubs partakes of alcoholic beverages, Belhaven’s wonderful ales can be purchased at Wine and Words here in wee Washington. And it is just such an irony, because the Hubs always said the Scottish ales were something he was really going to miss when we left the UK — and here they are, for sale in me wee hometown!}

We rustled up a festivus of a feast for G-pa today as well — steak on the braai {remind me to tell you about a new marinade I’ve been tweaking, inspired by Jamie Oliver…magic!} corn on the cob, hedgehog potatoes {I need to share that recipe, too!} and green beans, also making an appearance on the plate because it wasn’t looking green and I forgot salad at the grocery store.

But even with all the local celebrations it would’ve felt wrong not to also say Happy Father’s Day right here, to my Dad who’s not so far away, and also to my dear Father-in-Love who is, sadly, rather far away. What a privilege for the Hubs and I to have some great Dads in our corners! We are thankful!

After reading James Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys, I was thankful all over again for, if nothing else, just having a Dad in my life — though my Dad most certainly went far above and beyond just being present. The statistics of what it does to a child, to have an absent father — oh man, it breaks your heart, and you can see the strategy of the enemy of this world, and how tearing away at the nuclear family as the framework of society, weakening the relationships between fathers and their children, how this can absolutely wreak havoc on so many levels.

The Lord, does want us to understand Him as our Father — and how hard is that for children who haven’t met their fathers, or…

I am digressing.

I simply want to say thank you to my Dad, the Hubs’ Dad, and so many other Dads who are loving and caring for their children, and standing in the gap for Dads who are unable or unwilling to do so. Without you guys, society as we know it would crumble … fast.

G-pa, thanks for all you do. Goo-Goo — we miss you heaps and wish you were here!

Happy Father’s Day!