It was a long night. I wake up to the sound of the ocean and the feel of two tiny feet pushed into my back. The culprit is sleeping at a right angle between his Dad and I, his little head sweaty from being smushed into his Dad’s back for who knows how long.

{From our last stay in Wilderness – the Bear was four months old!}

We’ve been away from home for three weeks, and this has been the routine for most of it. The little one going to sleep in his travel cot at seven, ending up in our bed some time during the night.

I stir again with big brother at my side. He crawls across me, knees and elbows, to play with his brother in the middle of the bed while the Hubs and I hope we can keep our eyes closed for just five more minutes.As if to not be left out of the action, the third tiny person who is still on the way decides I’ve waited too long for breakfast. I rush to the bathroom, sick, for only the second time this whole pregnancy. As unpleasant as it is, I smile afterwards, thinking he or maybe even she didn’t have many options for wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day.

These days the Bear is consistently surprising us with new vocabulary, clever interpretations, sweet good humour. Tiger Tank is waddling with skill, arms akimbo, occasionally closing his eyes as if he thinks he’s going too fast.

A few hours later I’m back upstairs, helping the little one settle down for his nap. He snuggles down and is soon fast asleep in my arms, and I pause for a moment, listening to the waves and praying for the Lord to help me savour these moments. Even when it’s hard and I’m tired I know I’ll look back and miss these moments.

We’re looking forward to brunch and some beach time, and savouring more and more moments with the grandparents and the aunt who live in our beloved South Africa so far away. It’s funny that in a place called Wilderness, this kind of feels like home.

Happy Mother’s Day, to you Moms who are, to you who are hoping, you who are expecting, you who are standing in the gap. May you find what you need to keep going, keep loving, keep smiling, eyes-open, thankful.


P.S. A special Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mom – I miss you and look forward to celebrating when we get back! And to my sister, another congrats on being a mother of two! Love you both!