I‘ve been meaning to tell you about a couple of things. But I get distracted and forget a lot. Only having the opportunity to finish your sentence about half the time is one of the things I’ve noticed motherhood…

Sorry, what was I talking about?

Anyway, we got some good news. Remember these?


The Eighteen Boxes more accurately described as fifteen boxes, two bikes and a guitar that were packed up from our place in Gordon’s Bay on the 28th of June in the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven?

Yeah, those.

They might actually be on their way here.

What? you ask. You don’t have your stuff yet?

No, I reply. We don’t. Thanks for asking. When you ship your things from one continent to another in a shared container, the shippers have to wait for the container to fill up before it’ll be loaded on a ship and hit the water.

But our stuff may have finally hit the water. Hopefully just in the figurative sense. We have a tracking number and can follow the vessel across the ocean and everything.

Nifty, huh?

I am struggling to remember what’s in those boxes, except I’ve especially been missing the Bible Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me when my old one’s Genesis made an Exodus.

And the boys clothes that may or may not fit by the time they get here. And I don’t have any dress pants right now. Because I shipped them all because I hadn’t lost enough weight to fit in them yet last June.

So our things could arrive in February. And golly, gee whillikers, that would be swell.

In more recent occurrences, I wrote a few new articles at Signposts. I usually try to mention that here in case you’re interested in clicking over. Do you click over? I haven’t learned how to follow links and figure that out yet so I’d love to know.

This one talks about whether disability is always a burden, and mentions some great thoughts by Amy Julia Becker who wrote this book right here which I think will be really good. If I get my hands on it.

This one talks about things that are close to the heart of God. Which by necessity means they should be close to ours, too, right?

And this one contains a story about a Theology & Disability Conference I went to in Holland (I shared the Amsterdam photos on this Travelling Tuesday) and a special young lady I met there. And other stuff from the Bible which is worth pondering, mayhaps.

I was also thinking of mentioning that part of the reason you haven’t seen a lot of these lately…


(these being


lekker photos


by the Hubs… and all of these being taken just before we left SA…)

{and maybe after mentioning it in the survey you’re feeling like this about that,}


well, it’s because HH’s lappytop (as they are called in the Collie household) is not doing so well, and it basically takes him a full hour to edit about 8 photos. Yup, sixty minutes. Eight photos. Eight. And, as he would put it, that “does his head in.”

So we’re prayerfully contemplating purchasing a new Mac.

And if’n and when’n we do, you are likely to see the lekker Hero Hubs photo quotient increase exponentially.

I apologize the Tank will be close to eleven months before you see the ten month photos. But you understand, right?

One last anecdote will make this random compilation complete, methinks.

We let the Bear have a cupcake a couple days ago, and he was talking about it being in his tummy afterwards. I’d asked if he wanted to share some with his brother and he explained that he couldn’t because it was already in his tummy.

Today, it is in my tummy, he said.

We laughed and said, and tomorrow, it will be poopy! (Poopy had previously been a part of the conversation. Promise.)

He looked puzzled for a while and then got a very sad and unpleasant look on his face and with great emotion replied,

But I don’t wan’ a poopy cupcake.

Ba-da-bop, ka-CHOW. Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.

Hope your brain isn’t feeling as fried as mine this Thursday afternoon.


P.S. I think this might be the most links I’ve ever put in one post. I just thought you should know. And here’s one more just for fun. If you follow that link and don’t smile, you are officially a robot. Or from Mars. Or both. I’ve loved it since college. The first time around.