Hi there, Blokes and Sheilas. Now seriously. I was just looking at my Google Analytics — the behind the scenes numbers that tell me how many people are visiting this site, how many new visitors, how many returning, native languages, countries of origin, blood type, you know, that sort of thing. And when I looked at the listings for which city I get the most visitors from, I was expecting one of the following:

1) My hometown because I think my Dad reads this website more than anybody else

2) Maybe Edinburgh (Scotland), because it’s a bigger city and I used to live there/have a lot of friends there or…

3) Cape Town — same reason as number 2.

{This was the first time I noticed that you could see top viewers by city on Google Analytics so I was kind of excited to have a look.}

And who, pray tell, topped the list this past month?

I’ll give ya seventeen guesses, and I don’t think you’ll get it.

But go ahead and try.



Nope that’s not it either.

There was a wee hint at the beginning of the post…

Give up?

Sydney. Mmmhmm, the one down under. Good old Sydney, Australia. The Wonder Pets have been there, but I haven’t yet, sadly. I have… maybe two friends total on the Australian continent at present.

This is perpuzzling to me.

I suppose I assumed a good number of the people who read here do so because they know me personally.

Guess not?

Anyway, thanks to this surprising find, I decided to ask you a wee favor.

Based on the reader to comment ratio, I am pretty certain that a number of you who chillax around here generally don’t pop up and say so much. (Like by leaving a comment, for example.) Which is okay.

But I wondered, if just this once, you’d take a moment to come outta the closet.

I ask with the prettiest of pleases and a cherry on top and criss cross applesauce and anything else you might want to add in. Touch blue make it true.

With hopes that you’ll say yes to that little question above, I created a little survey. With Google’s help.

And hopefully it’s going to show up really nicely below this post. With fourteen glorious questions. Which should be embedded below, so you don’t even have to go anywhere. (Except if you’re reading in a Reader you might need to click over. Preez?)

And just by taking this survey you’ll have a good laugh, feel smarter and drop two dress sizes in six weeks. Okay maybe you’ll just have a good laugh.

I hope.

Seriously, you guys are what it’s about. It would bless me to have a better idea of who you are, and how I can be a blessing to you. So thanks for taking a moment to drop the iron curtain of anonymity.

I promise — you’ll have the curtain back on in seven minutes or less. Unless you’re really wordy. But that’s not my fault. 😉