Hey y’all.

My website seems to be doing the funky chicken. Or else it’s imitating some kind of bird that flies South for the winter. There’s supposed to be a sidebar full of useful information right there. –>

But it flew south, and looks like this right now…

And you’ll only find that useful sidebar if you scroll down till you can’t scroll no mo.

And I tell you what, it’s late and I’ve been busy finger knitting and watching Elf because there ain’t a better movie to watch while finger knitting and enjoying the holidays.

I also had another candle-related incident, fortunately this time it didn’t involve me catching my hair on fire. {I’ve had a hair cut, so you won’t even notice that extra layer anymore.}

But all this is just a distraction from the point. My website is doing the funky chicken. And I know it. But I’m not sure yet how to fix it.

And it’s late.

And I’m tired because I drank too much Vanilla Coke from the Hospital Pharmacy last night and dern if it didn’t keep me awake. I’ve told you already how Southern I am when I’m tired, haven’t I? Well now you know, sugar.

But the good news is if you click on a particular page or post and steer away from the home page it seems to be back to normal.

So to review, I’m Southern and tired and it’s late, and my website is doing the funky chicken but I don’t know what to do about it.

So please forgive me till I get it sorted out. Add a Whole Foods recipe to the link-up while you’re at it.

Ooh, I have an idea!


I just figured it out and fixed it!

Sigh. Problem solved.

If you were among the three people that may have visited my site while it was looking funky today, sorry about that.

Oughta be fixed now, sugah.