Ages and ages and ages ago, {and by that I mean two years ago} I talked about how much I love the way Jesus swam upstream. He was always doing the opposite of what people expected, building up the people everyone else was tearing down, and tearing down the practices of the people who liked to build themselves up.

When Jesus met Zacchaeus, it was one of those moments. Everyone else wondered why Jesus would hang out with the guy. Jesus swam upstream and turned Z’s life upside down.

Are we supposed to do the same thing? Could we?

I’m talking about that big question in a little package over at Signposts today so click here to read on.

There’s also a pretty picture that the Hubs took in Kruger Park. Bonus!

He also took a picture of this fish, which didn’t make it upstream. Ouch!


But I think the bird ended up letting him go because he couldn’t eat a fish while it was schtuck, yes, schtuck, on the end of his beak.

Maybe you better click over to Signposts. Things are just getting silly around here.


P.S. Just making sure you didn’t miss this morning’s post — not to confuse you — Seven Shots Won’t Take Down This Bear. It’s a pretty good story. Least I think so. But it wasn’t good at the time. Well that goes without saying. Nevermind.