The Hubs has taken some B-E-A-UT-Tee-full photos over the past few months. In my humble opinion. But I haven’t shared too many of them here because, well, we been kinda busy and I haven’t gone fishing through his iPhoto library for a while.

These are some favorites from our last bit of time in SA.

Exhibit A. Isn’t this one great? So moody…makes me feel like I’m waiting for something.


And this one from lunch in Knysna one day. Not long before we left SA. Not necessarily beautiful, but special for a heap of other reasons. Why is HH acting crazy? He doesn’t exactly look like that in real life.


C. How can you not like this one?


D. Sigh.


E. One of my many favorites from the Kruger trip. Isn’t she beautiful?


But this last one?

This is an I-could-cry-I-love-this-one-so-much original.

Straight from the day before we left Bloemfontein…


Love it.

Gotta go find a tissue.