I‘m in the middle of a couple of good books at the moment. I grabbed one of them off my sister’s bookshelf, and she’d made notes in it that make me feel like I’m getting to read it with her, even though she’s many-a-mile away in Colorado. Special treat. She has a great sense of humour. Or humor, since she’s American. So am I.

My own thoughts still feel like a bit of a jumble at the moment…like I’m struggling a little bit to get a grip with the new reality. It reminds me of a dream I had the other night that seemed so certain and so real, I woke up and wondered where my ferret was. I have never owned a ferret. And I don’t think I ever will own a ferret. But I woke up from the dream with the cuddly little white ferret, it may or may not have had a collar, and the first thought in my mind in those waking moments — troublesome, loud and important was:

Where’s my ferret?

The good books I’ve been reading have had some good thoughts I thought were more mention-worthy than my imaginary ferret.


{A bookshelf at Se7en’s house!}

I’ve been challenged by these words: “Andrew is the one who taught me that what I believe is not what I say I believe; what I believe is what I do.” This reminds me of some definitions of integrity I’ve heard, and makes me thankful for grace.

Jesus didn’t value what people thought; he valued people, period.” This is an incredibly freeing statement for me. I need to internalize this wisdom.

I’ve also been thinking about Mark 11, and Jesus deciding to make that triumphant entry into Jerusalem, not long before He died, on a donkey. I’m sure His disciples would’ve been willing to put on a show for Him — a big jazzy parade with flags and loud music, maybe even some people to toss figs and dates to the crowd. He could’ve had strobe lights and fog machines if He wanted. Or at least bubble blowers to make all the children giggle.

But He opted to go the road low. And I’ve been thinking about Him leading the way, in that way, and what that might mean for you and me if we want to follow His lead. Hmm.

I made a second trip to the grocery store, and once again enjoyed seeing exactly three people I knew. I kept the list short and thus avoided the fog of too many decisions at once. In case you ever plan on making a transcontinental move, I highly recommend taking the engagement with grocery shopping S.L.O.W.

We don’t quite have our routine and rhythm yet, but I’m hoping making a meal plan for the week will help. And I’m hoping Blakeyboo will decide sleep is awesome and he wants more of it. And I’m hoping to get a grip with reality again, so that my heart and my brain can focus for a decent length of time, and enjoy clear time in the presence of the Lord, and share encouraging thoughts and revelations here.

Until then, if I ask you where my ferret is, just remind me I don’t have one.


P.S. Want to take a stab at what two books those lines might be from? Two hints: free and Blue.