Thanks to an observant reader (who also happens to be meeting us at the airport to buy Mr. Potato Head) I’ve realised I accidentally said we were leaving on the 1st of September. Incorrect, mis amigos! Our departure for the UK is actually on the 7th of September — we’ll be departing on a late evening flight.

And ever since we got back from Knysna, (travelling through howling wind and serious bush fire long story to get back) time suddenly feels like it’s moving like this:


{Can you guess what the Bear’s favourite toy was from his birthday? Clever badge if you can be specific!}

So, after an early brunch in Bloemfontein, we’ll be driving off to Johannesburg for our flight to London. And I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Or typing about it. So please say a prayer for us (and Goo-Goo and Gammy especially) on the 7th!

{And if you said a prayer for us on the 1st already, well thanks. We needed that, too.}

In the meantime, I can report the wonderful news that we picked up the Tank’s passport this morning. Hallelujah! We are so thankful to have that important little document in our hands. And I’m hoping I can take a picture of the baby’s adorable mug shot on the photo page to share with you. Because it is hands-down the sweetest little baby photo you’ve ever seen in a passport. And I’ve seen ’em all. (The Bear has three right by himself!)

Now, one last dispatch from Bloemfontein for your information and prayerful consideration: it seems like the Bear is picking up a little cold, the Hubs is sick with something, and the baby is either teething or picking up a cold or both. And we have a looooong flight on Wednesday. So there ya go.

Whatever you’re up to today, whoever you need to remember to hug or thank or call or smile at, don’t forget to seize the present opportunities. For time, my friends, she flies.


P.S. Have you been checking out the Five-Star Shots of the lovely animals and scenery at Kruger National Park, which the Hubs has been posting every day over at Quiver Tree Photo? Quality!!