We’re planning on trolling around London today. I hope. And having spent a decent amount of time in this uniquely fascinating city, and being a little on the tired side from the adventures thus far, my only goal is a simple one. Besides maybe getting fish and chips. Hero Hubs obliging, I’d like to get a photo right here:


{That’s me and Big Ben, 2004… living with a bad hair decision}

but I want a picture like this:


{with the Bear, 2009, better hair choices}

But I’d like a photo like the Eiffel Tower one in front of Big Ben with the Tank.

What do you think? I’m hoping my chances are good. And my hair looks better than in did in ’04, so that’s a start.

My dear friend Pam wrote a few special words about her return to the UK — we lived together for a bit here in Scotland, she’s most recently been in the States, but she’s from Zimbabwe. And honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself — and I mean that with the most sincerity possible, try as I might for as long as I can, I can not weave words as delightfully and whimsically as she does.

So please take a few moments to enjoy her words about this magical place I also wish I had a “secondhome” word for. I think it’ll give you a laugh. If you speak English and have a heartbeat. And mayhaps you’ll understand my sentiments toward this place a little better at the same time.

And can you believe it — TOMORROW is the day — our big long flight from Heathrow to the tall trees and sunny skies of the Carolinas beckons. A reunion, an introduction, and much merriment will ensue. It’s simultaneously six long years and nine long months in the making. And I’ll keep ya posted.