Although this post is available to friends and family near and far, being posted on these here internets, it is especially devoted to the Goo-Goo and Gammy who are spoken of each and every day, who I’m certain would like to hear how preschool is going. And who would also probably like to hear that after requesting a drive to G-pa’s house on Wednesday, the Bear asked where Goo-Goo and Gammy’s house was. He was disappointed that “not so close” and “South Africa” were words involved in answering that question.

Miss you guys.

Okay everybody. The Bear had his first day of preschool on Monday.

And the morning started off in a bit of a blurry wee hurry, but when he tripped over his own foot in the living room and met the floor a lot faster than usual and cried his eyes out and wanted me to hold him and wanted Daddy to hold him, the thought suddenly occurred to me that that very same thing could happen. And happen at preschool. And I wouldn’t be there.

It was a troublesome thought, which I banished quickly to a dark recess for another day, and pressed on through the morning without tears. A remarkable achievement, don’t ya think?

As we embarked on the adventure to preschool, the photojournalism, documenting this historic event began.

The Bear seemed… concerned… about the day ahead.


Perhaps it was a defiant look of determination.


And then rather an “I’ve got this” sort of pose.


Mayhaps he was downright excited?


But arriving at the gates he was back to determined.


An expression followed quickly by an I think I can moment.


Upon arrival, he gave the space an intentional perusal before settling in.


And determined it was worthwhile spending time here.


Perhaps it could even be good. {Especially if I get to play with this! thought he.}


He felt uncertain about the customs and behaviour of the natives.


{And his mother blurred faces out, because we’re back in the land where people have sued people for less, and I don’t have parental permission!}

He was uncertain that the friendliness of their leader was genuine.


{But his mother thinks his teacher is Awesome! Capital A.}

And by the time his mother came to collect him at morning’s end…


{disclaimer: Quiver Tree Photography would like it to be known that it is not responsible for this shocking attempt at a photograph. And I take full responsibility for the lack of skill involved in its capturing.}

…the overall outlook at the end of day one was pretty bleak. Perhaps starting a week late (he couldn’t help it, he was in the UK!) was a bigger problem than we thought.

On Day Two, after a field trip to the local library, there was a heart sore moment involving one or two kids’ parents or grandparents arriving before the Bear’s (he didn’t know I’d been waiting in the parking lot for ten minutes). The (perceived) temporary absence of his mother was mildly disturbing. I arrived to find him in tears about it. Fortunately, that was very brief.

On Day Three, his stuffed animal Beaver made an appearance in the classroom. And besides practicing the songs they sing in the morning that I’d picked up while sitting in with him for a little while (at his request) we’d practiced answering important questions: Beaver’s name is Beaver. Beaver is the colour brown, Beaver is small. Mama got Beaver in Germany. (Which sounded like Jury-uh when he said it.)

And somehow, on day three, things began magically clicking into place. (Answered prayer.) And the Bear enjoyed preschool. And seemed happy when Dada arrived to pick him up. The teacher’s assistant said he had a very good day.

Monday will be day four, and here’s hoping there’s more happy in store!

So, that’s how it’s going with preschool! Goo-Goo and Gammy, we wish you were here!