I recently read a surprising statistic: The average supermodel weighs 28% less than the average woman.

As women, we often compare ourselves to the women on tv, in movies, and on the covers of magazines. But if we take the time to remember the photoshop magic used to make those eyes bigger and brighter and those thighs tighter, we might be a little less hard on ourselves.

We’re often tempted to compare our children with other people’s children…our homes with other folks’ homes…but if we don’t compare with everyone else, how do we tell if we measure up?


I’m over at Signposts today, talking about the temptation of comparing oneself with others, and how difficult it is to avoid as a parent.

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We’re enjoying our last day in Scotland today, taking the train down south to London again tomorrow. And we’re NOT stopping at Sainsburys on the way there. In case you were wondering. Can you believe we’ll be in the Carolinas on Saturday afternoon? And our sweet little six month old will meet his G.C. and Gpa for the first time!