It’s Hero Hubs’ birthday. And this post is also a new page on my website, which folks can access by clicking the new button right up there that looks like this:


You like my button? Well thanks, I made it myself.

I thought I’d share this page here today in addition to adding it to the site, instead of just going on and on about how great the Hubs is (ya know, like I did on our anniversary). Because this still talks a little about how delightful he is. And you probably don’t have all day. So here ya go:

Every once in a while, I take a picture and think to myself Dern. I think that was purty good. {My time abroad has relaxed my southern accent, but it’s still pretty strong when I’m thinking.}






But that doesn’t happen particularly often.

And I like to have a nice and at least seemingly relevant photo for each post around here.

Which creates a problem.

Because do you really want to see the same 12 photos over and over again?

So that’s where the Hubs comes in.

Because he takes pretty pictures like this

Lake Matheson 5

and this

Chapelle St-Roch

and this


{hello, tiny sea shell, I love you.}

and this

White Rhino and calf

{those are rhinos, in case you’re not sure}

and this


And he does so on a regular basis.

Which means I have lots more than twelve photos to choose from, with which to make the little posts around these parts more attractive than if it were just wordswordswordswords without a break, or 12 photos overandoverandoverandover again.

So I’d like to make sure the record shows that Señor Mark Collie (whose señorita I am proud to be), the mastermind behind Quiver Tree Photography, father and Hero Hubs extraordinaire, is the skilled artisan behind about 98.5% of the photos that you’ll see on this site.

And the occasional other 1.5%, well, you already know which ones they are, and we’lll call them my lucky shots.

If you see a photo you like, good news, you’ve got options. If you would like the story behind the photo, leave a comment to say so. HH regularly posts at Quiver Tree Photography, sharing a special shot and its backstory.

And if you’d like the photo to hang on a wall in your home, to beautify your computer’s desktop, to use in an ecard, or to share with a friend, there are links below each photo at Quiver Tree which will allow you to do all of the above!

So please mosey on over to Quiver Tree Photo soon. And buy a photo. Or send an ecard (that’s free!) Or just click “like” and leave a comment saying “Thanks for sharing your photos with Caroline. I’m glad she has more than 12 photos to choose from.”

You’ll make the Hubs’ day. And by the way, if you need a photog, he’s available for weddings, special events, family shoots and bar mitzvahs. But he doesn’t do funerals.


Dear Hero Hubs, thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. The world, and my website, are better places because you’re in them. Love you. {and….Happy Birthday!!}