Now that we’re back (in Bloemfontein) after our trip to the Kruger, and then to the Drakensberg, and then to Durban, I’ve realised I forgot to tell you we brought a baby zebra home with us!

And just so you know, ’round these parts it’s pronounced ZEH-bruh instead of ZEE-bruh. {That first syllable rhymes with “yeah.”} And I personally feel that if this is where the ZEHbras live, and that is how they say it here, then that’s the way it oughta be. So if you hear the Bear say something about a ZEHbra in North Carolina, don’t you go trying to correct him. He’s got it right. ‘Nough said.

So, we ummed and ahhed about whether this special sort of adoption was a good idea, as we are still in need of some important paperwork in order to make it possible for us to bring the Baby Zebra across to the USA with us.

In the end, he was just way too cute to leave behind … and who would take care of him if we didn’t?


You want to see his picture?

I thought you’d never ask!

Here’s our baby zebra!


{Quite possibly my favourite grandparent/grandchild photo, ever. Ever.}

Did I tell you his brother was a ZEHbra, too?

IMG_4451 copy

{Zebra Bear, Plettenberg Bay, early 2009}

Less than three weeks until our plane takes off for the UK — please pray that Baby Zebra’s paperwork is together by then!!


P.S. The bushveld posts are still a-brewing, but the first narration is on the way, I hope tomorrow!