It has been one magical and special week with Goo-Goo and Gammy in the bushveld. Our visits to Kruger National Park were full of fantastic sightings, and HH of course got a ton of beautiful photos that I can’t wait to share with you!

We’re heading off today, passing through Joburg on our way back to Bloemfontein, which incidentally, I recently realised I constantly talk about but have never explained to you how to pronounce. So you’re probably reading that word and feeling annoyed, if you’re anything like me. {Um, maybe not?} In case you are, it’s pronounced BLOOM-fuhn-tane — that last syllable rhymes with rain and Spain, and mainly the plain, of course.

Ooh, and in case you’re wondering about “bushveld” that sounds like bush-felt when the locals say it. It generally refers to uncultivated land in Southern Africa.

With the busy schedule, the slightly more challenging internet circumstances, and the desire to rest, I haven’t shared too much of this journey with you, yet. But I’m planning to invite you along next week, so that you can experience the African bush right along with us.

In the meantime, here’s one little “Safari” lesson for starters. Originally used as a hunting term, the “Big Five” is a term that refers to the animals people most hope to see while viewing game in the wild in South Africa. The Big Five animals are lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. They’re still hunted, but now most often shot with a camera!

We had the delightful privilege of seeing four of the big five on this visit, which included three very special sightings of what is typically the most elusive animal among the Big Five. Can you guess which animal we spotted three times?

And can you guess which one we missed?

I’ll leave you with a photo of the Bear, who also enjoyed a visit to a game reserve (with G-pa!) when he was the Tank’s age. Time flies!

IMG_4451 copy

Tank is leaving the Bush in that outfit today. We are going to miss it here!