I couldn’t share the most recent photographic celebrations of the Tank making it another month with you while we were in the Bush. Did that sentence make sense? I think there’s a misplaced modifier or some kind of ambiguity somewhere. Let’s move on. Our connection to these world wide internets was a little dodgey, and feisty, and crunchy, and if I had the time I’d throw in a few other adjectives that don’t really help explain the matter but are fun to say.

Doesn’t feisty break that i before e rule?

But we’re now back in Bloemfontein, {read BLOOM-fuhn-tane} safe and sound, with four little green bars telling us our little USB modem can now upload photos in less time than in takes to make a Hero Hubs Latte. Whoo to the Hoo.

So here’s our little star, proud of his five-month achievement.


Or maybe he’s proud of the hand-me-down corduroy cargos from H&M he’s sporting. (Thanks x 2, Sarah Mac!)


I asked him which it was, but he looked at me like I was crazy.


So we moved on to the task of keeping him smiling


which we’re discovering is not too difficult with this little guy.


Even when we’ve been in the car for ages looking for animals and he does a big numero dos all over himself and his poor Gammy, and I take ages to complete the task of changing him because I keep pausing to look out the window at all the elephants, this seems to be the permanent disposition:


Thanks for five months of sheer joy, wee Tank!

Good News! HH is busy tidying and cropping and super-dee-duperfying the photos we grabbed in the Bush! And when I say “we” I mean I think I took one photo of an elephant’s rear, and the rest was his handiwork. But I still get to share them here, isn’t that ace?

A carefully narrated game drive through the bush complemented with photography par excellence is on its way to you!

And did I tell you we’re leaving on Tuesday for the beautiful Drakensberg (a delightful mountainous world heritage site here in SA — I’ll tell ya more later) to belatedly celebrate our four-year anniversary? (Yes, both boys are coming.) Yippee!

Does anyone have a laundry wand I can borrow to wave at our suitcases?