It was over a year ago when we last had one magical day in Kruger National Park where we saw four of the big five. You’ve may have seen some of the photos:



IMG_1001 copy

I’d share more but the internet’s a-strugglin’.

I am very very happy that we are back again, for several reasons.

First, we’re enjoying a holiday with HH’s folks and that’s a special treat all on its own. (And they have provided the wonderful accommodation!)

Second, we’re back in the bush staying near Kruger National Park…whoo-hoo! {Thanks to telling myself to enjoy the holiday, and the poor internet connection, I haven’t updated on you that fact before now.}

Third, I love going on game drives and looking for animals. I feel special when I point something out and HH says, “Good spot sweetheart.”

Fourth, I was spending some time reading my Bible and praying out on the balcony our first day here and a troop of vervet monkeys went by. SWEET!

Fifth, and extra special, the last time we were here looking for game, things went kind of like this:

Something like this would be outside the Bear’s window.


Bear! Look, it’s a baboon! Bear! Look out your window!



Look that way!


He. has. no. clue.

But we had our first day out yesterday, and this time around, he is spotting the elephants, giraffes and zebras very successfully. He’s still not particularly good at listening and looking where you point, and he’s still not particularly impressed with how cool it is to see these beautiful and massive ellies in the wild…but hey, it’s improvement.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, please blame it on the poor internet connection. We’ll be back in Bloem before too long, just in time for another adventure I’m looking forward to telling you about soon!

In the meantime, with love from the bushveld,