Late last year I met a wonderful woman named Mirriam, and her grace, her amazing heart, and her incredible ministry challenged and humbled me. In a tiny home with tiny resources, she cares for children that have been abandoned or need a safe place to live. {Some of you may remember me sharing Mirriam’s story with you some time ago.}

At present, Mirriam has nearly twenty children in her care. She is a living picture of James 1:27, caring for orphans that are sometimes literally left on her doorstep.


{The first time we met Mirriam (centre), last October}

Last year, I shared her story with you, and closed with these words:

Invisible strings from HH’s and my heart have been pulled and tied to Mirriam’s ministry. Beyond blessing the children with shoes. Beyond giving when we are able. We don’t yet know how, but we want to be more involved. I’m looking forward to extending the invitation for you to be involved, too.

Although I didn’t foresee anything like this when I wrote those words, I believe today is the day for me to extend that invitation to you.

In the early hours of the morning today, Mirriam’s house burned down. Everyone got out safely, but then some of the older boys went back in to get some of the more expensive things in the home, and one of the toddlers ran back in following them. By the time they realised he had gone back in, they could hear him in the house but it was too late to go in and find him.

Mirriam and the children have lost everything, including one of their own, who was two years old.



For quite some time, a community project called The Grape Community has been supporting Mirriam as she endeavours to raise these children, ranging in age from two months into the twenties. They’ve specifically been fundraising and collecting gifts of building materials to help build a safe home for Mirriam and the children.

Everyone is hopeful that these circumstances will speed up the process of the new home being built, but Mirriam House is still in need of so much right now, including food, clothing, shoes, towels, bedding, mattresses and financial support.

This afternoon, I spoke with our friend Annemarie from The Grape Community, who is an advocate and great support to Mirriam House. Mirriam and the children will be staying in the nearby community hall tonight (where we hosted a shoe distribution last year.) She said that loads of mattresses and blankets have been donated, and many people have volunteered to cook food for everyone. They’ve been very encouraged by the outpouring of support from the local community.

Still, there is so much need for Mirriam and the nineteen people in her care. And I’d like to ask you to turn concern into compassion, and to do something to help.

I believe in the power of compassion, and the power of God, and the power of social networking. And I believe that standing together, we can do something amazing to redeem this tragedy, and to see good come from it.

Could we raise enough funds to provide new clothes…new furniture…new appliances for Mirriam House? Could we make a dent in the deficit that remains for Mirriam’s new house to be built? {ZAR 500,000} Could we pay it off?

I know you can’t do everything, but together, we can do something.

First, {if you’re the praying kind} please pray for Mirriam and the kids as they make it through this tragic ordeal.

Second, please think about how you can give.

Mirriam and the children have been overwhelmed with donations in the form of goods, and financial gifts are one of their primary needs at the moment.

I’ve created a GivenGain page for Mirriam House, so you can give online right here to help.

If you are in South Africa and would like to donate food, clothing, building materials, or any of the other previously mentioned needs, please contact or email me, or leave a comment if you would like more details.

If you are in South Africa and would like to make a financial contribution through a bank transfer rather than by giving online, these are the Mirriam House banking details: Mirriam House — TGC Community, FNB Cheque – 62261357571, Branch code – 200110.

Third, you can tell this story. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. Forward it to your contact list.

Perhaps you want to give $67 or share this with 67 friends in honour of the 67 minute campaign for Nelson Mandela Day. Or give 93 Rand because it’s Mandela’s 93rd birthday. Maybe there’s some other reason in mind…dig deep, find it, and share it!

Mirriam has been modelling this verse to the world:

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit widows and orphans in distress and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. {James 1:27}

I believe this is an opportunity for us to do the same. Let’s stand together and see what we can accomplish.

With Love for the kids and Mirriam,


A few notes:

I shared more of Mirriam’s story here and shared photos from the shoe distribution for the Mirriam House here.

If you decide to make a direct contribution, please leave a comment to let us know, so that I can update the givengain site and we’ll have a full tally of what we’ve accomplished together.

GivenGain is a website that helps non-profit organisations raise funds online. Other than the small fee that they collect for their valuable service, the funds you give will go directly to Mirriam House. Over and out.