Although yesterday was was a little on the hectic side, we made it through a crazy morning of last minute errands, the new folks arriving to move in promptly at nine a.m., me discovering a gabillion things I forgot to make a plan about…and the Hubs having to pack and repack Mr. Potato Head to fit everything in. (With the Bear balancing something on his head.)

HH was almost close to throwing one box in the trash without even checking to see what was inside. Good thing he didn’t — there was half a bag of Ghiradelli (too tired to check on how to spell that, forgive me magical chocolate people) dark chocolate chips, the prescriptions he’d just paid about 50 bucks (US!) for, the stuff that he makes our morning lattes with, and coffee grounds, and a bunch of other important stuff inside. Shew, that was a close one.


We are now safely in lovely Hermanus, having spent the night with some dear friends after getting away from Gordon’s Bay after lunch yesterday.

Last night as we lay the Bear down in the bed we eventually ended up all sharing for the evening (because the Bear kept falling off the mattress on the floor!) he said he wanted to go sleep in his bed at home.

It made my heart sore a little.

The four of us were together on the bed, and the Hubs said “Home is right here. Wherever we are, altogether, that’s home. We’re home.”

Sometimes it feels like home in Gordon’s Bay was where we became a family. But I trust that family can be home for a while.

Tomorrow we’ll take off for Bloemfontein and hopefully it will be a relaxed two-day journey getting us there on Sunday evening.

I’m hoping for some peaceful car time with both boys sleeping so that I can write my way through the whirlwind of emotions that was this past week. What do you think my chances are?

Thanks for your prayers, friends. I think the hard part’s over, even though this adventure is just beginning.