Is Beyonce’s sassy little ditty from a couple years ago with the fun dance moves wiggling around in your head now thanks to the title of this post? I hope not. Because if you’re like me, that song will stay in your head for no less than six weeks and pop up at the most inconvenient times to say hello and make you hum and want to do that funny thing with your hands up over your head like the girls in the video.

Oh that’s just me? Okay good.


Years ago, when the Hubs was just a friend from church in Edinburgh, we had some long discussions about singleness, and the church, and how things are a little messy right now, or maybe a lot messy, in that situation. The weirdness aboundeth.

He had what we affectionately referred to as a Dating and Courtship Seminar, a bit of a diatribe he’d slip into whenever the topic came up for discussion. If you’ve been to church like, twice, you might notice the awkwardness. Something’s broken, and I’m not sure anybody knows exactly how to fix it.

But I read a really great article with some well-evidenced and well-put thoughts about some of the ways we seem to have gone astray from a Biblical understanding of singleness {a friend shared it on Facebook a few days ago}. And I sure did think it was worth mentioning and linking to, and encouraging the ladies, the lads, and the pastors and ministers and pastor’s wives and campus ministers and basically everybody else to read it.

I also probably owe some friends who are single and/or were single when I was an apology.

Here’s the wisdom.

Cuz if ya liked it then you shouldaputta ring on it…