The last time we made a transcontinental move, this little guy


was this little guy.


{First African bath, in the sink of our short-term rental! Age 1}

His previous affinity for suitcases


turned into a feeling more akin to … um…


extreme dislike.

And now that he sees the boxes, the suitcases, and the occasional disappearance of toys…he finds it all a little…unsettling. So please say a little prayer for the little Bear.

He also seems to have picked up a wee cold/runny nose/grumpy attitude/sore throat in this wet and wintry Cape weather. And so have his Mom and Dad. (The Tank seems strong in that department no surprise there…but still a little fussier than usual with a very wee cold.) So perhaps while you’re saying that little Bear prayer, say one for the rest of the Collie Clan, too.

The mountain of laundry {which needs to be climbed before packing} is becoming a molehill. <|: – ) {See the party hat guy?} And the shippers arrive on Tuesday. If I had the time, I could write a bucket-load of sentimentalities about this transition. They’ll probably arrive once we’re over this molehill. My heart wanders just pondering it all…

Blessings and thanks for the encouragement in the meantime!