Yesterday I was sharing the tale of one of the molehills that the Lord turned one of our mountains into. In His perfect timing, He made provision for our rent, our move, and then some. (Some ice cream, to be more specific.)

Not long before any of that great stuff (from yesterday’s tale) took place, we were facing a different mountain. Our gypsy-like movements over the course of our marriage have not been conducive to the establishment of a nice credit line, as it would appear in the eyes of a modern bank, for example.


Allow me to explain why that matters. We got a free credit report and sent it along to a friend of ours who is a mortgage consultant. Between that and our recent taxes, she was able to calculate what we were likely to be able to get, with regard to a mortgage, when we got back to the States. Our hope was to spend a few months with my Mom settling in, and then look for a home to buy.

{Because after all this time, it would be really nice if we could finally start paying our own mortgage, instead of renting, and basically paying someone else’s.}

So our friend ran the numbers and came back to us with a picture that just. weren’t. purty. The numbers were not looking good. I recently saw an advertisement where people could pay that amount of money for thirty-six months to have one room in their home nicely furnished and decorated. Dang. {Who does that, by the way???}

Although it was discouraging to think that our dream of moving toward owning our own home might still be a dream for quite a while longer, we immediately said to each other, “It’s in the Lord’s hands. Maybe He has something else in mind.” And almost in jest, HH said, “Maybe he has a plan to give us a place to stay rent-free so that we can save up and pay down our debt!”

Though it looked like we were facing another mountain of discouragement, we decided to trust God, and just leave it in His hands.

Not more than two days later, I was on the phone with my Mom and she was telling me about how the rest of her Mother’s Day had gone. (I’d called her earlier that morning to wish her a good one.) She’d spent it with her niece/my cousin/my Mama’s brother’s daughter, and her mother/my aunt/my Mama’s brother’s wife, who live a couple hours away.

As we were about to hang up, she said, “Oh, I almost forgot! {Your cousin} mentioned that you guys could think about staying in your Aunt’s house after you get back. They need to do some renovations before they can sell it and she said if you’d be willing to oversee the work, you can stay there for free. You’d just have to pay the electric bill. Just an idea for you to think about.”

I think HH and I got off the phone and just blinked at each other for a minute. We’d just made the decision to trust the Lord about this, and already He was demonstrating His ability to provide when we just weren’t sure how it would come together.

You can still come back from spying out the land with a good report — even if that doesn’t agree with your credit report! God can make a way where there seems to be no way!

And you still ain’t heard nothing yet! So come back tomorrow for another mountain to molehill tale!