It’s been a while since I’ve shared a few links worth perusing around these world wide internets. But a couple of things I read this week made me think it was high time I shared a little more for your weekend reading pleasure.

Did you ever meet the LoveCarrots?

A sweet and funny friend of mine I’ve mentioned before has an alter-ego {named Mama A} that occasionally shows up on her blog to set people straight on issues concerning which they need, ahem, straightening. A recent topic was very timely, as I recently had a discussion elsewhere about the Biblical importance of modesty…but this pair of posts takes it in a whole new direction.

Please check out Skank you, Skank you very much and I see London, I see France.

Laugh, enjoy, thank me later.

You Americans in the crowd might enjoy an outsider’s perspective on N’awleans after Katrina. My favourite Zimbabwean galpal is working on having seen more of my home country than I have! Check out: [New Orleans, Louisiana] Edgelands

A very talented international photographer (from Canada) recently took a heckuva fall (I think near the leaning tower of Pisa) and has been writing about his recovery on his blog. This recent post, just after his homecoming, has some great thoughts about life and choosing happiness.

This adorably heart-felt project, which literally makes hearts out of felt, and a bunch of other cute stuff, is making a difference in the lives of women in one impoverished community in South Africa. Check out the Heartfelt Project — it’s adorable and inspiring!

How do you weigh up the value of time and the value of money? Is it worth a commute into the big city to be able to afford a big house in the ‘burbs? A recent study in Sweden found that Commuting Makes You Unhappy, and when I think about work, and time, and what I want to give my kids most, I find this good food for thought.

And last but not least, a very timely post for me, as I am working through the emotions of leaving this mission field to head home, Emily from Chatting at the Sky talks about how she’s working through the emotional challenges returning home from a visit to the Philippines with Compassion bloggers. Here’s the colorful mess of joy and grief.

Feel free to pray for yours truly as I work through a similar process right now! And enjoy your weekend!