I think tiredness makes me quirky. And itchy. And occasionally grouchy. And extra hungry. But mostly quirky. And grouchy. Forget that last part.

So this quirky Travelling Tuesday, I feel like posting a buncha photos and letting you guess where they were taken. And the first person to get it right gets a big high five. And the satisfaction of feeling clever for the rest of the day. And, if I had an iPad to pass along, I would but ya know…scratch that, if I had an iPad to pass along I wouldn’t. Unless the Queen wants to share hers with me, in which case you can have mine. But I don’t have one.


So instead of an iPad, I’ll make you a clever badge, email it to you, and you can print it out and wear it all day. Or even all week. However long you like, I’m not gonna ask for it back. If you send a photo of yourself wearing it, I’ll post it here and we’ll all feel special. Or maybe just quirky.


Let’s begin.

This shouldn’t be too hard. A little homework and you’ll have it. (Just name the home country of these special creatures.)

Caroline and Hamish

Let google be your guide! Don’t be fooled by the obvious! (Country.)
Northern Natal  

Everybody deserves a gimme every once in a while. (City & country, please.)


And a little challenge. Be a Sherlock. (City & Country.)

Scotland 2006 036

And another gimme. (City.)


And this one you’ll know if you’ve been paying attention! (Country.)

Leaving Doubtful Behind

And this could be one of the seven new wonders of the world. Actually I don’t think it made it to the finals. Bummer. Have you voted? Sorry this grainy photo doesn’t do it much justice. I need to work on getting a better one. (Landmark.)

CT Harbour with Table Mountain

Any guesses? (I’m pregnant there, by the way.) (Landmark.)

Now, last one…hint: if you don’t know me, try poking around on this site to get to know me a little better. (City, state, & country!) Hi, Dad!

I hope you enjoy this Travelling Diversion on a Tuesday. Hero Hubs and close relatives need not participate. You’ll spoil the fun!


P.S. I seriously made the badge already. And it’s cool.