Dear Uncle Russ,

Your package arrived!!


My new blankey is the softest one I’ve ever had. (And my new burpey is the softest one I’ve ever…burped on!)


Look how cute I look! Hey!


Thanks for thinking of me and sending me such cute stuff! With my new blue suit, I’m the stylingest baby in the nursery at the gym. Can’t wait to meet you right here in SA! Yay! See you soon!

Love, Little B

Dear G.C.,

Remember those pajamas you sent a few weeks ago? Well there’s just one problem with them. Mama won’t let me wear them all. day. long. I want to wear them to the gym and to church and when we go for a walk but she says pajamas are for bedtime. Would you mind telling her otherwise?

Wanna see how great they are?


Thanks so much, G.C. I miss you lots!

Love, the Bear