Sometimes I’m not sure exactly where I’m headed on the adventure that takes place right here in this little corner of the world wide internets. What I feel sure of so far is that I’m supposed to write, encourage, challenge, and share words of life.

When I read God’s Word, sometimes things jump off the page — it’s almost as if I sense Him over my shoulder pointing to a verse and saying, “Well did you think about that?” or “How ’bout this one?” And I picture Him the way I see myself, standing over the Bear’s high chair helping him learn to trace and write his letters. Slowly and gently, there’s progress over time.

{Only God, in relationship to me, is significantly bigger, stronger, smarter, more amazingly wonderful — and the list continues — than me, in relationship to the Bear. But I’m sure you already knew that.}


The results that have come about from spending time here, writing and encouraging and endeavouring to just bring a smile to someone else’s face five or six times a week, have been wonderful, and exciting, and different than what I expected.

A lot of you have taken a moment to write me and say thank you. You’ve told me something I said meant something to you. And that really meant something to me. So I’ve done my best to point back to the One to Whom and through Whom and for Whom all things are — because if you find anything good here, you can be sure His hand is in it.

Now don’t get worried that I’m about to announce that I’m finished writing in this space, because that is NOT the case. I just want to take a moment to say thanks.

People often feel called to do something and get very little support, and that makes it hard for them to step out and do what they should. But as I’ve stepped out, you’ve held me by the hand and encouraged me. I can no longer count the number of times I was swerving to wonder whether I was wasting time here, and within days or even hours, I’d receive an email. From next door or from Brazil, someone touched base, saying “This meant something to me. Thank you for saying it.” Those life-giving words have stirred the gift in me and encouraged me to keep at it.

I look at numbers, so I know how many visitors come by this way, and I’m thankful for each of you. I love your comments, I love your emails and encouragement, but even if you’ve just been dropping by, that’s meant something to me, and I want to say thanks.

I think about 90% of you are female, so I feel confident you’ll appreciate this analogy. You know when your body feels a little loosey-goosey? Perhaps you’ve just had a baby and aren’t back into form, or you just aren’t in shape quite like you used to be or might like to be? There are these magical underpants a lot of you will already know of, called Spanx, that hold you in place and make you look like you’ve lost ten pounds, just by putting them on. Underneath the wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dress, the Little Black Dress, enter the Spanx.

In a beautiful way, you have been Spanx for my soul. You’ve been holding me in place to do what I feel called to do — to use the gifts God has given me to write, here and elsewhere — at times when I’ve felt a little loosey-goosey, a little uncertain, a little afraid that if there is a difference to be made, this ain’t making it.

I want to say a special Spanx to you likers and commenters and sharers and tweeters. Writing here is giving me more and more opportunities to write in other places (more on that soon), but this place feels like home. And we all know there’s no place like home. A lot of you have shared a link on Facebook, or tweeted something, or linked from your website to mine, and sent other folks this way, and that has really, really blessed me. You’ve clicked “like” on my fan page, or on a post, and helped share this space with others. When you see enough value in a post to share it, it means a lot to me.

I want to give special Spanx to the sites that have sent the most traffic my way for the past wee while. I do hope this place will grow, and I’ll be an encouragement to more folks who haven’t been here yet. {But even if this has all been just to encourage those of you who’ve been here already, it is TOTALLY worth it.}

So here’s a special Spanx to my Top Referrers since the start of this year:

1. Se7en @ {Lekker love and thanks!}

2. Amanda @ Seriously. {You’re one of a kind. Love ya.}

3. Hero Hubs @ Quiver Tree Photo {Wowzers, my dear! Already! Thanks!}

4. Grace @ Grace {Sweet & Amazing Grace! No pun intended!}

5. Allison @ DameronGirlz {Thanks sweet friend!}

6. Erin @ Happy Noise {I’m honoured and you’re hilarious!}

7. Pam @ {Go Pammy! So glad you’re writing!}

8. Brunette Koala @ Learning from Sophie {My first blogging/IRL friend, thanks for sticking with me!}

9. Paul & Michelle @ BroonandMish {Miss you guys & love you!}

10. Michelle @ Michelle Has Thoughts {Congrats on Baby Brielle!}

And because you’re number 11 and I love ya ta pieces, Natasha @ The Chronicles of Nat. {Whoo-hoo, you are great!}

And a little further down the list were Neal and Julia and Aubrey … I just don’t like it when people get left out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friends, thank you again and again for your encouragement and support. In dark moments, you’ve been here for me in tangible ways. Thank you for rejoicing with me at wonderful times. (And thank You Lord that I haven’t been doing much weeping for you guys to share in!) What a privilege it is to walk the road of life together.

Please keep sharing, please keep commenting, and please keep letting me know when something means something to you. It means so much to me.


With Love from Here,