Hi guys and gals! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement! I heard from the Hubs this afternoon and his interview went swimmingly. He said they only asked about five questions and he was in and out in no time!

After copying a gabillion documents and stressing to get everything together, we are very pleased with this outcome! He can now legally live and work in the US, and I rather think that’s a good thing. And I’m so excited the Bear and I have already baked oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies to celebrate!

As you do.

I will now insert some delightfully happy photos of our now three month old to say thank you to you for your prayers and encouragement. We took some special three month ones to follow the series but they aren’t ready yet. So here are some others.

I don’t mean to brag but, did you know the Bumbo is a South African invention?

And did you know that this little South African-American boy is mine? tehe.


So Hero Hubs will be picking up visa at the consulate tomorrow, and then flying back to the Cape late tomorrow night. Good thing Goo-Goo and Gammy are here to help hold down the fort, hey? Now we just have to get ready for this big ol’ transcontinental move.

As you do.

Thanks for your prayers!