Some see it as an obligation, a duty or a responsibility. Some go so far as to see it as a right. But I was rather taken by the notion this morning at church that motherhood is more appropriately seen as a calling.


Answering that call often means putting other calls on hold.


It often means sacrifice. It often means heartache. It usually means pain like you’ve never felt before.


But it most certainly, for me, has meant unspeakable joy. It has meant life with bountiful laughter.


It has meant a life filled with constant reminders to slow down and enjoy the moment.



And though there are many other appropriate words for motherhood, my favourite of all is privilege.



It’s a privilege to be blessed with these boys for however many days they’re mine. And it’s a privilege worth stewarding. Worth prayerfully covering. Worth diligently and delicately holding.



May grace abound to each of you dear Mothers, today. May God grant you His presence, wisdom, peace and joy as you answer the call to motherhood. May you hold it dear as a privilege, and may your children call you blessed.



Love and blessings to my dear sister who is also a Mother. I love you and think you’re a fantastic Mom!


Much love and many thanks to my dear Mother-in-Love today. Your son would not be the wonderful man he is today without you! I’m so grateful!


And special thanks and praise to my amazing Mother who I love so dearly! You are absolutely, wonderfully one of a kind. Your sacrificial love has been a steadfast companion all the days of my life and I’m so very, very grateful for you. It is one of my most prized, and truly priceless possessions — the joy of calling you my Mom. Thank you!


I pray for those of you reading this, desiring the privilege of motherhood, that the Lord would grant that desire of your heart in His good timing, and that His grace and peace will be yours in the meantime.

Happy Mother’s Day to all near and far, privileged to be called Mother.