This darlingpreciousangelpumpkin is being dedicated to the Lord at our church today.


I could insert a theologically diverting conversation here about why we’ve chosen a “dedication” instead of a christening or an infant baptism, but to be honest with you I don’t think that’s gonna be the number one question on the Lord’s mind when we get to the pearly gates.

So let’s just say we’re committing as parents to raise this little one to know the Lord. And we’re happy that people around us we love and care about are committing to help and to hold us accountable. (You’re welcome to join on that party even if you’re not here!)

Though the pastor today probably won’t have a Britney mike, {Hey, Perry!} we do still have this special blankie that Gammy’s mother knitted! See, this is when we dedicated the Bear in Edinburgh:


And look how he’s turned out!

So it’s this one’s turn tomorrow!


Wish me luck!