My sister sent the Bear some delightful clothes when he was born. Really adorable stuff. And those delightful clothes are beginning to get a second go-round with Baby Brother right now. It’s a good effort at recycling to save the planet, and I’ve never heard a baby complain about what they were wearing, unless it was wet. We are loving the hand-me-downs.

One of my favourite things she sent was this onesie, sported here by the Bear at approximately Seven Weeks of Age:


As we’ve pulled clothes out for their second go-round, we’ve noticed that items that were suitable for the Bear at certain ages seem to be.. er, um… suitable for Baby Brother much sooner. {And there are several things he was actually never small enough to wear.} So we thought you might enjoy a little comparison.

Here’s the Bear swimming in the onesie in question at seven weeks, and Baby Brother, filling it out in the middle at…four.


{We don’t often take pictures of our wee ones in tears. We just had a giggle when the Bear was upset on this particular day because we thought one three-letter word had been left off the onesie. Can you guess which one?}

Last night at the dinner table, HH encouraged the Bear to eat everything on his plate because Baby Brother will be catching up soon! We’re now accepting offers for American football scholarships. Tarheels and Wolfpack need not apply. Are there rugby bursaries in SA?


P.S. Thanks again, sister, for a gift that keeps on giving! 🙂