Things have been quiet around these parts of the web for the past few days. {I hope you still like me.} It was a busy week. Sometimes one was crying while the other needed to pee. This brother needs a snack, that brother needs a change. One day I struggled and rushed and hustled and bustled for twenty minutes…one crying, the other one needing help with shoes…one going potty, the other one crying some more…finally getting the two of them together and ready for a walk as the phone rings and then I look outside and it’s raining.

It’s safe to say I’ve had my hands full.


But God.

He has been so good and gracious. Meeting me in quiet moments, early mornings and late evenings. He’s even met me in opportunities to encourage others — in moments where I wanted Him to water me, He handed me a watering can. And in watering someone else, I was watered, and the Word became flesh:

The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered. {Prov. 11:25}

And we’ve been asking questions about life and His leading and the days ahead and He answers by saying, keep asking:

For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding;
If you seek her as silver And search for her as for hidden treasures;
Then you will discern the fear of the Lord And discover the knowledge of God.
For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth {come} knowledge and understanding. {Prov. 2:3-6}

And just asking, finding hunger and thirst to dig in, enjoying opportunities to water and be watered, and sensing and hearing that still small voice…it seems that even when it feels like I’m busy with my hands full, I’m finding my heart’s full, too.

It’s funny that in passing on a glass of water, you might fill your own cup.