There most certainly is a lot going on around here and thank you very much for asking. There’s some news on the docket that I’d like to share but I need to get my heart and my thoughts and my words together, and finding a moment for getting all three of those together at the same time can be a bit like herding cats right now…without the scratches, I suppose.

And of course we have friends around, and as always, they have come in God’s perfect timing and I am incredibly thankful and full of run-on sentences and good cheer and fresh reasons to bake something.

Until I can herd those cats into one barrel, or crate, or metaphorical litterbox, I thought I’d share a Be Still, My Heart moment with you from yesterday.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?



Hero Hubs edited it this afternoon and I almost fainted.


Hope you’re having a great weekend. Talk at ya soon.